The motto of VERTIGA TRADING LLC - Agriculture, it is always profitable. Properly distributed resources give excellent results, and the cultivation of crops and trade in related products - getting into the top ten.


Agricultural Equipment & Machinery Spare Parts Trading

The production of spare parts for agricultural machinery is carried out on the basis of the world's best enterprises with a quality guarantee and mandatory certification. We have a very well-coordinated team of professionals, which allows us to quickly form and fulfill orders according to your requests and requirements. You can be sure that you are not overpaying! Study the market, compare prices, collect all the information - you will be convinced that our offer is the most profitable. We value each of our clients and their time, so we supply agricultural spare parts daily, seven days a week.

Grains, Cereals & Legumes Trading

VERTIGA TRADING LLC is a company that grows and trades in grain crops. On an ongoing basis, we buy grain crops on the terms of customer pickup or delivery, we work under a contract or individual conditions. The benefits of cereals as a food product are very high. The composition of cereals includes complex carbohydrates (from 65 to 75% depending on the type), which "warm" our body in the cold season. In addition, they are rich in vegetable proteins and minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. The calorie content of cereals and legumes is approximately the same.

Agricultural Equipment & Accessories

Implementation of agricultural machinery from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Warranty and service support. Implementation of spare parts in a variety of accessories for agricultural machinery. All new agricultural machinery is conveniently divided into categories, which will allow customers of VERTIGA TRADING LLC to easily find the desired product. We have a really large range of agricultural products and have the largest warehouses in Europe. VERTIGA TRADING LLC focuses on all types of farms, so we offer equipment from different manufacturers and price categories. Agricultural Equipment & Accessories will help you do any job perfectly.

Ghee & Vegetable Oil Trading

Golden and pure, ghee has been considered a sacred food in India for years, nourishing the body and purifying the mind. Ghee is a delicious spread with a creamy, golden color that has a warm and rich nutty flavor. Clarified oil has a number of health benefits, a high antioxidant content and a high smoke point. Due to this, it is best suited for baking, stewing and frying. In fact, ghee is ghee, but it takes much longer to melt than ghee, and is more thoroughly refined from protein. The healing properties of ghee oil make it possible to use it for: improving immunity; slowing down the action of free radicals; improve digestion; Ghee is useful for hyperacidity of the stomach. VERTIGA TRADING LLC is engaged in the sale of oils from numerous oilseeds. Olive oil of the highest quality. Bean, peanut, soybean oil. Sunflower oil. Corn, linseed, rapeseed oil.

Mission, Goals, Principles and Values

High quality and affordable prices for everyone. VERTIGA TRADING LLC guarantees the best agricultural equipment and accessories.

A wide selection of grains, legumes and cereals. Own production. Agricultural crops proven over the years.

The best choice of spare parts for various tillage equipment. Repair work of any complexity. We have a very well-coordinated team of professionals, which allows us to quickly form and fulfill orders for any requests of our customers.

Wide sales geography and market leadership. VERTIGA TRADING LLC strive to work on our land, implement the latest technologies and methods of the agrarian sector.

About company

The main direction is the production and trade of tillage equipment, spare parts, cereals and legumes, agricultural equipment. Today the company is one of the leading manufacturers of plows, cultivators, spare parts for plows, cultivators, harrows in the region. The geography of product sales is constantly expanding. We try to be closer to our customers - our products are affordable and have a wide range. VERTIGA TRADING LLC uses only the most modern technologies, which allows you to easily have large yields with low labor costs and provide all customers with the necessary amount of goods from the rich assortment of the company.

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